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Green electricity cheaper than your current electricity

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Green electricity cheaper than your current electricity

Postby MEIRA » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:09 am

In just under 5 minutes,

you can save real money on

your electric bill every month.*

Learn How. It’s FREE!

Stop paying retail for your electricity!!

You can reduce your electric bill and save money every month risk free*.

It’s FREE to switch and it takes less than 5 minutes. You still receive the same single bill from your Local Delivery Company, like PSE&G or ACE. The switch is completely transparent or seamless to you, only you’re paying less. Since 1999, the NJ utilities are not allowed to profit from selling you electricity. So they encourage you to switch.

Your reliability and emergency repair remain the responsibility of the local delivery company and are 100% unaffected. There is no risk to switching. This does not affect your budget payment plan at all.

Viridian has one low, all in rate.* No other hidden fees or “introductory” rates. There are no contracts, no early termination fees, and no fees to switch back if you weren’t happy saving money.

Viridian is the ONLY supplier currently in New Jersey that has already met the year 2020 RPS Goal of 20% renewable energy (green).

How to Switch

To make the switch, all you’ll need is a copy of your electric bill and 5 minutes.

We’ll fill out a one page simple switch form, and that’s all it takes.

(This will be available on-line in the very near future)

You’ll be saving money every month, AND making a contribution to the environment at the same time. It’s your RIGHT to choose! Don’t pay “retail” for your energy any more. Feel free to email or call me with any questions.

Interested in becoming a part-time, spare-time, or full-time Viridian representative? Simply go to Click on

“make money with Viridian” or call and listen to this recorded call:

605-477-2199 Access code: 1099828#

Contact me:

Meira Findel

Independent Associate


* On the supply portion of your bill (not the transmission or delivery portion) NJ residents will have a $0.49 monthly administrative adjustment charge on their bill.
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