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Good search with the Coop!

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Good search with the Coop!

Postby Wayne DePrince » Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:21 pm

ahoy all,

The George Street Co-op has been added to GoodSearch for a few months now. GoodSearch is a search engine much like Google or Yahoo or; in fact their search results are identical to Yahoo's. The only difference is that whenever you do a search on GoodSearch, an organization of your choosing automatically gets a small commission.

To do a search on GoodSearch, just go to You'll see the expected search field, but just below that you'll see a field for you to enter your "charity name". Type "George Street Co-op" into that field, and then click Verify. Then go ahead with your search. That's all you need to do once for each computer you use (i.e. home/work/school/etc.)! They remember your charity of choice for you, so future searches are a breeze.

For those of you who like to use Google or Yahoo toolbars, GoodSearch has created equivalents. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or even Safari, just head here: and install the appropriate add-on.

peace, w
Wayne DePrince
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