Our Committees

The Facilities Committee is a place for the handy folks amongst us to maintain the physical well-being of our institution and keep everything running safely and smoothly.  The more people that we incorporate into our small cadre of helpers the better everything will look and run.  All levels of skills are most certainly welcome, from the master plumber to someone who can change the filter on the air-conditioning system on a monthly basis.  Anyone who likes to tinker or just wants to chip in periodically on large or small projects is more than welcome to join the team.
The Finance Committee is a wonderful place to explore the economic implications of working in a community-based organization on the grassroots level.  The responsibilities of the committee include advising the Board of Directors on financial matters, reviewing and evaluating financial reports and statements, preparing and annual budget and financial report, and preparing regular financial reports of income, expenditures and outstanding debts, to be presented at the first meeting of the Board per month.  Someone who has accounting skills, QuickBooks experience, or even small business background would be fantastic.  Anyone who just wants to participate would most certainly be welcome.
The Membership Committee has a high level of administrative functioning and coordination.  If you are looking to develop essential organizing and effective communication skills, this is a committee for you. The Membership Committee works to develop membership policy and manage processes, and communicate those policies to the Co-op management and membership, as well as working to manage orientation and the assisting of new Co-op members.  We need people to help coordinate and train volunteers; create and evaluate policy; lead orientations and support core administrative tasks, and so anyone looking to help out is absolutely welcome to join us. 
The Newsletter Committee doesn't work the way most of the other committees do.  We don't have regular meetings but have several members who do the physical paste up, layout, ads and back page while several others are the writers. We consult with each other as needed by phone and computer.  If you’re interested in being involved in any part of this process, please don’t hesitate to contact the chair.  We’re still searching for someone who could sell ads, but any other sort of worker is absolutely welcome to join our small band of committed volunteers.  We’d love to have you!
The Outreach Committee's mission is to take the Co-op's message of health and cooperation into the surrounding community.  We create and publicize events at the Co-op itself, we go out to other events in the Middlesex and Somerset County areas, and we design flyers and news postings to get the word out online and in print.  If you'd love having another reason to meet new people, or you'd love writing about the Co-op's organic, cooperative lifestyle, we'll set you up with an individually tailored project.  You'll gain new skills while you feel great about what you do.
The Product Committee has several functions related to the products sold in the Co-op, including the education of members, shoppers, and the Board of Directors about issues related to products. The committee also is responsible for creating processes which solicit feedback from members and shoppers, creating policy and guidelines for products carried in the store, and facilitating processes by which the values regarding products in the bylaws are reflected in the products sold in the store.  We welcome the participation of anyone and everyone who is interested in this area.  We meet on the last Tuesday of each month.
The Tech Committee is dedicated to improving all aspects of Co-op operations by eliminating drudgery and repetition, reducing chances (and sources) of accidental errors.  Tech Committee members have created an online Special Order system, automated the tracking and approval of volunteer hours, and set up online messageboards where Co-op members connect and collaborate.  At the same time, we have continually upgraded and maintained the computers in use throughout the store.  We welcome IT folks at all skill levels, and if you'd like to take your own skills to the next level, we'll be happy to help train you.

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