Referendum vote starts February 25th!

The Co‑op would like to announce our upcoming Membership Referendum. Voting in Co‑op referendums is one of the ways that members are empowered to participate in the Co‑op’s democratic process.

The purpose of this referendum is to approve the appointments of Jason Campbell, Aquaus Kelley, and Gio Occhipinti to the Co‑op Board of Directors, and to amend certain parts of Article I of the Co‑op’s Bylaws.

The voting period will run from Sunday February 25 through Saturday March 9, 2024.

The Co‑op will be conducting the vote electronically for the first time. In order to vote in this referendum you must be a current member in good standing. This means you must have renewed your membership and, if applicable, be up to date with your equity payment. You can check the status of your membership here (will require login and possible initial password reset):

If your membership has expired, or if it will be expiring soon, please contact the Co‑op Membership Committee at bsglasgow [at] gmail [dot] com to find out about renewing.

Prior to Sunday February 25th Co‑op members in good standing will receive a followup email containing a link to the electronic voting system (those not wishing to vote electronically will still be able to do so via paper ballots). If you do not receive the followup email by February 25th your membership may not be current, so please check with the Co‑op at bsglasgow [at] gmail [dot] com.

We encourage all members to participate in this important vote.

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